About Us


Our Approach

At Young Developers Academy we believe in encouraging children to use their imagination and hone in on their creativity skills. Our mission is to help unleash their imaginations and bring them to life in various forms ranging from computer coding to animation. We provide innovative and fun ways for kids to express themselves in a way that really appeals to them! It is a great way to not only improve kids’ confidence but also develop important skills such as communication, decision making and problem solving to name a few!

But we are not just about teaching them theory – Here at YDA we value the importance of balancing mind and body.

At the core of YDA is a belief that kids learn better when being challenged physically as well as mentally. For this reason, we integrate some form of physical activity as part of our learning process. Depending on the class or camp, your child will have the opportunity to do rock climbing, laser tag, yoga, indoor gym free play – the list goes on! Not only does this help kids to focus longer it also impacts how much they remember from the vast amounts of information they absorb on a daily basis as well as promote a healthy work / life and mind / body balance, not to mention add to the fun!

Our Story

Young developers was founded in Vancouver, Canada and is managed by experts in game development and education. The team behind the curriculum have developed award winning post-secondary technology programs, written several books on game development, shipped major titles including Harry Potter, Medal of Honor, Crackdown, among several others, in addition to advising the BC government on K-12 coding curriculum for all provincial schools. The content has been tested and vetted by a variety of experts and has achieved wonderful praise and feedback.

Meet the Team

Young Developers is founded and run by a group of dedicated people from the education and creative technology industries.  Everyone at YoungDevelopers has has direct related experience - and most importantly - knows how to work with kids!


Yolanda Shayan


Right after my Master’s degree from the UK, I have been working with young adults in the education industry for the past 15 years. I realized how hands-on, creative and passionate they can be when it comes to game development, animation and design. Today technology allows every kid to express their passion and bring their art form to life. And trust me! Seeing their faces full of pride and achievement is what I loved the most.
Just as with my two sons who are five and three (I know you guys can relate with me), my purpose is to see every kid creating something special to them. I want to show them that there is a hidden talent in everybody; they just need to express it and give it a shot! A sense of creation, achievement and pride is what matters most to me for this Academy.


Peter Walsh

Education and Curriculum Consultant

Peter Walsh is an experienced veteran of the video-games industry with over 10 years’ experience as a software engineer, senior software engineer, and technical leader, and 5 years in education. He has worked on some of the most acclaimed games of the last decade such as the Harry Potter franchise, F1, the Medal of Honor franchise, Crackdown, APB, Lemmings, The Shoot and many others. Previous employers include Visual Science/Electronic Arts, Real Time Worlds/Microsoft Game Studios, Activision, and Cohort Studios/Sony. The titles Peter has worked on have broken records for sales, achieved massive industry praise and awards including BAFTAs, Golden Joysticks, SpikeTV awards, and the Academy of Interactive Arts award. Peter currently works as Head of Department for the award winning Game Design and Programming programs at Vancouver Film School. In 2015 he helped found Canada’s first industry sponsored VR lab. He is a director for startup game development companies and is on the British Columbia, Canada government’s Coding Curriculum advisory board for K-12 schools.


Lisa Walsh


My background is in counselling and education. I have over 10 years experience working with kids from 11 years old right up to young adults.  I now have 2 young children of my own aged 6 and 8 and watching them grow has taught me so much! I want to help each child realize their potential and see their confidence soar. Seeing their efforts and creativity come alive is priceless.  I watched my eight year old son work together with his dad to learn the basic concepts of coding and create his very own game.

The YDA camps are an excellent way to make that happen!

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